Congratulations to our 2015 Miss Lafayette Christmas Royalty

Infant Miss Lafayette Christmas-Jade Montgomery

Baby Miss Lafayette Christmas-Sofia Abadie

Tiny Miss Lafayette Christmas-Addison Mizell

Toddler Miss Lafayette Christmas-Levie Mejia

Petite Miss Lafayette Christmas-Chloe Wascom

Little Miss Lafayette Christmas-Scarlett Hebert

Young Miss Lafayette Christmas-Mary Claire Maturin

Pre-Teen Lafayette Christmas-Darby Moreau

Teen Lafayette Christmas-Hannah Spencer

Miss Lafayette Christmas-Kimberly Newville

Mrs. Lafayette Christmas-June Fuller


Overall Beauty Winners: Jade Montgomery and Hannah Spencer
Supreme Winners: Jade Montgomery and Darby Moreau
People's Choice: Jade Montgomery and Kimberly Newville

Congratulations to the 2014 Miss Lafayette Royalty

  Pre-Teen Lafayette-Michaela Carroll

  Miss Lafayette Teen USA-Brenna Young

  Miss Acadiana Teen USA-J'Lynn Shelby

  Miss Lafayette USA-Madeline Langlinais

  Miss Acadiana USA-Sharee Carroll

  Mrs. Lafayette USA-Shanna Morgan

  Mrs. Acadiana USA-Heather Hebert


Celebrating 12 Years of Miss Lafayette USA and Miss Acadiana USA

2014 Miss Lafayette Baby Contest Royalty 

 Baby Miss Lafayette-Paisley Lajaunie
   Tiny Miss Lafayette-MerJeanne Marie Stine
   Toddler Miss Lafayette-Livie Mejia
   Petite Miss Lafayette-Mya Noelle McGrew
   Little Miss Lafayette-Jovi Korynn Guidry
   Young Miss Lafayette-Cathrine Bourgeois
   Overall Beauty-Sophia McGrew
   Supreme Winner-Cathrine Bourgeois

People's choice-Sophia and Mya McGrew


Thank you LightWriter Photography for our beautiful photos.

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